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Artists talk future collaboration

Sister Colleen Ann Nagle, FSE and Leslie Bellevance, President of Kendall School of Art and Design Leslie Bellevance, president of Kendall School of Art and Design, FSU, joined Sister Colleen Ann Nagle, and Kathy Bechtel, Art Director, for lunch at the Lowell Campus recently.The purpose of the meeting was to  acquaint one another [...]

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Dr. John Hittinger to speak on St. John Paul II

Dr. John Hittinger joins us on Friday, February 5th, as part of our “Mercy and the Family” series.  He will be talking about St. John Paul II’s teaching on the family and on the Year of Mercy. Dr. Hittinger is a professor of philosophy at University of St. Thomas in Houston, and has published four [...]

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Couples enjoy bread baking experience

Ten couples gathered last evening with Sister Colleen Ann Nagle in the warm, friendly kitchen of the Lowell Campus on a cold winter’s night to learn how to bake bread. Sister Colleen Ann offers bread baking experiences to assist couples in improving communication and in enjoying each other's unique talents by working together on a [...]

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