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Not Just a Career, a Vocation

As a music therapist relatively new to hospice care, I am truly enjoying the unique experiences I have on a daily basis. Music can comfort us, it can motivate us, assist with pain management and open the door to reflection or communication. Music can impact many stages of life, e.g. the music of childhood days, [...]

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Music Therapy for Premature Babies

Via NBC Latino Babies born prematurely face special challenges; they are presented with a world of sensory experiences they are not yet wired to take in. Not surprisingly, an infant with a pre-term neurological system will be hyper-sensitive to full-term sights, sounds, movement, and touch. Because of their fragile state, infants delivered before [...]

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How Music Therapy Helps with Socialization Skills

Music therapist Lindsey Perrault works with children with special needs at Pine Grove Learning Center. (June 2, 2016) Check out our music therapist Lindsey Perrault working with children at Pine Grove Learning Center. She uses a "hello song" to help kids with special needs improve socialization skills. The song prompts the children to [...]

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