Campuses – Rural and Urban

Franciscan Life Process Center operates its programs from two campuses. The original campus is a 230 acre farm on Downes Street near Lowell, Michigan. This rural campus contains a variety of settings for creative programs serving people of all ages.

The more recently added campus is in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, located in the Basilica Center at 5th and Davis Streets near the Basilica of St. Adalbert, a landmark church in the city’s west quadrant.

Current Programs offered at both campuses:

Current Programs offered at the Lowell Campus:

  • Land Programs both for groups and individuals that could include
    • Cooking, Bread Making, Food Preservation Classes
    • Gardening and Greenhouse classes, Orchard and Grape Arbor Care
    • General Land Care
    • Trail and Land Structure Maintenance
    • Animal Care
    • Cart Driving for Horses
    • Bird watching/identification
  • Retreat Center for Spiritual Retreats. Individual rooms for up to 33 people at one time. Spiritual Retreats can be for a half day, a whole day or for several days
    • for individuals, couples, families, groups
    • for professional groups
    • can be self-directed, directed by a Franciscan Guide, or directed by a retreat master from another place
    • meals are on your own or catered
  • Art Workshops
    • can host 15 to 20 students at one time
    • workshop participants may stay overnight or come for the day only
    • art instructors are local, nationally known and internationally known
    • meals are on your own
  • Art Retreat Center
    • an opportunity to come and rent studio space, rest, reflect and recharge for a time, a few days, a week or two, allowing any artist to again move into the art world in a new, productive way
    • fees vary
    • meals are on your own
    • all arrangements scheduled through the art director
  • Eagle Scout Projects
    • 230 acres of wooded land, open fields, hills, valleys, animal areas, buildings, orchards, gardens and more offer many opportunities for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to explore with the Franciscan Sisters the possibilities of developing their Eagle Scout or Gold Award project. Join the group of over 20 Eagle Scouts who are part of the center through their investment of time, energy, talent, creativity and involvement of their troop through their projects.