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Terry Miura-Plein Air Strategies @ Franciscan Life Process Center - Lowell Campus
Oct 6 @ 9:00 am – Oct 8 @ 3:00 pm

terryIn this three day workshop, we will investigate the process of painting the landscape en plein air.

Painting directly from observation is a difficult task under the best of circumstances. When we are outdoors, the problems are amplified due to uncontrollable factors such as the weather and the moving light. The overwhelming amount of information that needs to be analyzed and translated into a visual language is enough to drive any student to want to throw in the towel. Sound familiar?  I believe that there are logical ways to solve most problems in painting, but first, you have to recognize what the problems are. By breaking down the process into smaller, manageable problems, solutions present themselves.  We will work on finding logical ways to solve problems of design, value structure, color, and edges, through demos and field studies.

If you find that you get overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated when painting the landscape, or if you simply want to get better at solving visual problems in a logical way, this workshop will help you get to the next level!


Don Andrews-Landscape Color and Composition Workshop in Watercolor @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Oct 10 – Oct 12 all-day

Learning to paint with watercolor should be fun! Don’s Landscape Workshop is geared specifically for artists eager to paint and study in a no-stress studio environment. Each day, Don will address a major visual concern; light, color, granulation, organizing nature and utilizing negative space are just a few subjects to be covered. Don’s class isn’t geared to any specific level of achievement; rather artists at all levels will benefit from a more personal understanding of the painting

possibilities available in the exciting world of landscape painting. This workshop will be packed with demonstrations, discussions, individual help and personal and group critiques. The cost of this workshop is $440.

Douglas Fryer-Suggesting Reality @ Franciscan Life Process Cener
Oct 19 @ 9:00 am – Oct 21 @ 6:00 pm

October 19-21, Douglas Fryer-Suggesting Reality


douglas-fryer-paintingArt reveals the evidence of our experiences and values; in observing and creating, the artist suggests themes that are essential to his character, and perpetuates the making and sharing of experience. Through art, subjects become significant to us in a unique ways, aesthetically and conceptually. The artist must be aware of the spatial and formal reality of the subject but also of subtle personal impressions, memories and symbols that may be inspired by the process, and which comprise the content of the work.

Through lecture and demonstration this workshop will not only reinforce an understanding of composition and form, but will also explore methods to break up and strip down the subject, then reconstruct it in new and perhaps surprising ways.


Sandra Strohschein-Let’s Paint! @ Franciscan Life Process Center - Lowell Campus
Oct 21 @ 9:00 am – Oct 22 @ 3:00 pm

sandraWhat can you expect? In this workshop I will demonstrate one painting each morning and afternoon, completing a painting in one hour. Following my demonstration the students then have two hours to try the same painting. This will be entirely a studio workshop working from photo references that I will provide. I will be demonstrating landscapes, florals and seascapes. I work in a fast and loose style full of passion and energy with a strong emphasis on composition, light and lost and found edges. I talk during my painting process and can easily field questions while I am working. It is my goal to help each participant find themselves working with more satisfaction and to a higher level with individual coaching. This workshop is geared towards intermediate to advanced skill levels however beginners are not discouraged. I will offer suggestions for beginners ahead of time to help prepare them for the workshop in advance.


Prosopon School Of Iconology-Dmitrii and Tatiana Berestova-Icon Painting @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Mar 5 – Mar 10 all-day

Students are introduced to the practical and theoretical aspects of icon writing. Interpretations of iconographic symbolism and the theological and anthropological basis of each step of the process are presented in parallel to the technical instruction. By the end of an intensive workshop, the beginner completes writing of an icon. No artistic experience is required of the beginning student. Through the visual language of the icon, the student may move toward a better vision of the self, the world, and the Divine. By writing an icon, the student works toward the reestablishment of the original untarnished condition of man’s image in a disciplined way.”This will be the Beginners / Intermediate class.

The icon of the Theotokos Eleusia (Tenderness) will be the theme for the class. The first time students will work on Archangel Michael, the others will work on the icon of Theotokos. Those who have done only one or two icons with us, may do an abbreviated version of the icon of Theotokos.

The cost for returning students is $100 less than for the beginning students since the returning students will be bringing their own boards with the gilding completed before the class. The cost of this workshop is $775.

David Shevlino-“Alla Prima Figure and Portrait Painting” @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Apr 12 – Apr 14 all-day

David’s website: This class is about painting the figure and portrait alla prima (wet into wet) and the techniques used to create a fresh, direct response to our subjects. After a demonstration, the class will work in monotone from the model for the first day, concentrating on value. After that, we’ll work in full color

from the model; learning how to interpret and simplify by seeing the figure as a series of basic shapes described by color/ light and
shadow. By learning to simplify what we see, we become better able to paint our subjects with greater clarity and directness. This class will be particularly helpful to students who wish to paint more loosely and to use their brushstrokes with economy. The cost of this workshop is $485.

Sarah Rehmer, “Encaustic Painting and Collage Workshop” @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Apr 12 – Apr 14 all-day

Learn the fundamentals of painting with encaustic paints and medium. This three day workshop will cover color mixing, making glazes and safe studio practices for working in this versatile medium. We will also work with the various characteristics that make this medium unique – from optical depth, to texture and mark making – as well as working with image transfers and mixed media and collage applications. Part of day

one will be spent using wax and other materials to create our own collage papers. You will come away with a basic understanding of the media and fusing techniques, as well as how to incorporate encaustic painting into your current studio practice. You do not need prior experience working with encaustic paint, but general art making experience will be helpful. Instructor will supply paint and medium plus all equipment and brushes needed for use during the workshop. The cost of this workshop is $400.

Michael Chesley Johnson, “Pastel Plein Air Painting Workshop” @ Franciscan Life Process Center
May 7 – May 9 all-day

Join nationally-known artist Michael Chesley Johnson as he shows you how to paint the landscape on-location in pastel. In this plein air workshop, you’ll start in the studio with basic principles, and then you’ll move to the field where Michael will demonstrate his method for

“capturing the moment” quickly and efficiently but without sacrificing mood and magic. Michael will show you how focusing on just value and color temperature in an initial “bestguess” will get you started quickly, leaving plenty of time for making adjustments at a more leisurely pace. After the demonstration, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your new skills with Michael going from easel to easel offering plenty of personal help. Each day will offer at least one demo plus critiques of student work done in the workshop. The cost of this workshop is $400.

Aaron Schuerr-“Painting Spring Landscapes in Oil or Pastel” @ Franciscan Life Process Center
May 16 – May 19 all-day

Get ready to explore the beautiful Franciscan Life Process Center campus and the surrounding countryside during this plein air and studio painting workshop with award-winning artist Aaron Schuerr. Enjoy the beauty and challenge of painting in the field, and then learn how field studies can be used as a reference for studio paintings. During our time

outdoors, we’ll focus on sketching, simplification, fresh color, accurate drawing, dynamic composition, and discovering “the story” within the seeming complexity of nature. Back in the studio we’ll analyze the plein air work and dig into the nuances of color, value, and composition. I’ll introduce the charcoal preparatory drawing as a fun and inventive way to plan a studio pastel. This class will include demonstrations in the field and studio, friendly critiques, and plenty of one-on-one time. We’ll start from the thumbnail sketch and work through flat-color plane exercises before diving into longer plein air painting sessions. The focus will be on process over product, in learning to see in new and dynamic ways and work simply, directly, and with confidence. While experience is helpful, it is not required.

Matt Linz-“Painting With a Bold Brush” @ Franciscan Life Process Center
May 17 – May 19 all-day

The workshop description: Painting from a live model can be one of the most challenging subjects for an artist to paint. This workshop is designed to help students over come the problems that arise while

working from life. Matt and his students will be working from live models throughout the workshop. You will learn how to simplify the subject through the use of value, color and edges. Learning to interpret the subject in a more expressive way will be emphasized during the workshop. There will be demonstrations and lots of individual instruction. The cost of this workshop is $380.