Creighton Model and Joy?

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Creighton Model and Joy?


Georgia Schmitz, BSN, FCP, RN

Instruction in the Creighton Model extends beyond teaching couples days of fertility and infertility to achieve or avoid pregnancies. As a FertilityCare Practitioner (FCP), I’m humbled to walk with couples sharing in their joy through FertilityCare instruction. Over the past few months, the joy of announcing pregnancies has been shared with me from four couples experiencing infertility, some of whom have struggled for years to conceive. I’ve been privileged to witness to the joy the Creighton Model brings to married life while instructing engaged couples preparing to use this method of family planning in their upcoming marriages. Even greater is the joy expressed between married couples working to integrate their sexuality with daily life experiences. By far, the greatest joy comes in the simple knowledge that the miniscule role I play in teaching these couples the Creighton Model enriches their vocational call to marriage and strengthens family life. What great JOY!

If you are interested in learning more about the Creighton Model, call Georgia Schmitz, FertilityCare Practitioner, at Franciscan Life Process Center, 616-897-7842.

by Georgia Schmitz, BSN, FCP, RN

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