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Sandra Hansen-“Plants to Journals”

May 23, 2019 @ 9:00 am – May 25, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
Franciscan Life Process Center
11650 Downes St NE
Lowell, MI 49331

We are on a journey to discover the incredible joy and delight of paper making. From ancient times plant fibers have been made into paper. Working from plant materials either found on the Franciscan Life Process Center, or that I bring with me, we will create unique papers that are more beautiful than can be purchased in any store. Plant leaves or stalks will be cleaned, cooked, and beaten by hand or in a Holland beater. The second day will be spent making paper. On the third day we will take either the paper that was made the day before or new text blocks made from cotton T-shirt scraps from India to create hard backed journals. In the afternoon of the third day we will write, draw, paint, collage, or paste photos into our new journals. This workshop is good for teens and adults who are beginners and up.

Please plan on bringing $20 for supplies.