Music Lessons


With humble beginnings in a simple yellow home located in the nearby community of Ada, the Franciscan Life Process Center Music Department has grown immensely over the years. In 1979, Music Director Sister Mary Margaret Delaski, FSE, MT-BC and a small staff began teaching West Michigan students with the belief that “musical rhythms express patterns deep within our nature and within the earth itself”. They named the center “Franciscan Rhythms.”

In 2003, both the needs of the instructors and students had outgrown the small space. The Franciscan Rhythms Studio moved to the Franciscan Life Process Center’s main facility in Lowell. Today, students find the serene location as the perfect setting to learn how to play an instrument or brush up on old skills. In 2011 the Music Department extended its services with the opening of the Grand Rapids Campus.


“In the realm of human relationship where parents, teachers and students come together in a magic triangle called ‘education,’ certain qualities always have, and will continue to be, at the heart of the learning process,” says Sister Mary Margaret. “Especially in trying to develop the music potential of an individual do we have the opportunity to delve into the spiritual aspects of life, that part that makes us truly human.”

Lessons Available

  • piano
  • guitar
  • trumpet
  • horn
  • percussion
  • saxophone
  • recorder
  • voice
  • ukelele
  • violin


First Semester:  typically 14 – 15 thirty minute lessons
Second Semester:  typically 20 thirty minute lessons
Summer Semester:  typically 8 – 10 thirty minute lessons

Lessons are offered Monday through Friday.  Please call 616-897-7842 for any questions. Click here for Music Program Policy Sheet.

Adaptive Lessons

Adaptive music lessons modify formal music instruction for people with special needs. Adaptive music lessons allow individuals with physical, cognitive, social, and/or emotional disabilities to learn musical concepts in a supportive music setting without the pressure of a typical lesson.