Music Therapy FAQs


Do I need to be Catholic to receive services at the Center?
We welcome people of all faiths to take part in our Center’s programs which foster dignity and hope in the sacred process of all life.

Music Therapy

What are the requirements needed for music therapists employed at the FLPC?
Our staff of board-certified music therapists has graduated with a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in music therapy from approved colleges/universities and has passed the required board certification exam.  Each staff member is a member of the American Music Therapy Association and participates in continuing education classes and conferences.
How do you know a person is a good candidate for music therapy?
A person who expresses enjoyment of music through either verbal or nonverbal means, expresses interest in learning an instrument or is motivated to make music is an excellent candidate for music therapy. To learn more, click here.
What is the music therapy assessment process?
Please refer to the assessment information here.
What is the length of an individual session?
Individual sessions are usually 45 minutes in length.

What is the cost of an individual session?
The cost of a session is sixty dollars.
How do I apply for a scholarship?
Please call Sandy Kotesky at 616.897.7842 x315 to inquire about our scholarship program.

Is music therapy covered by insurance?
Clinicians in the music therapy field are continuing to work towards more progress and success involving third party reimbursement. Insurance companies are reimbursing for some music therapy services on a case-by-case basis when deemed medically necessary. Music therapy is a covered service under Michigan’s Medicaid Children’s Waiver Program.            
How many individual sessions occur each week?
This will be determined during the assessment process.
What if I need to cancel a session?
We request 24 hour notice by phone call.  A full session will be charged if a music therapy session is missed without notice.

What is the cancellation policy in regards to bad weather?
Cancellations due to weather conditions will be handled on a case by case situation.

How many sessions must be completed to achieve goals and objectives?
Our music therapy staff continually works to re-assess and evaluate our client’s progress towards set goals and objectives.  We provide an annual progress report and encourage feedback and input from caregivers when determining the next step in the client’s music experience and when considering termination of music therapy services.      
I want music therapy in my classroom. Who should I contact?
Please speak with our receptionist at 616.897.7842.

I want music therapy at my assisted living facility.  Who should I contact?
Please speak with our receptionist at 616.897.7842.
How can I donate to the Franciscan Center music therapy program?
Consider contributing to our scholarship fund which assists families in receiving music therapy services as well as attending fundraising events held throughout the year. Donate from here.

Can music therapy be provided at my home?
We currently provide music therapy services at our Lowell and Grand Rapids Campuses. We provide services in the home on a case-by-case basis.

How long does music therapy last?
Music therapy services will be terminated in agreement with the Standards of Clinical Practice when the client has accomplished set goals and objectives, no longer benefits from services, or is no longer able to attend sessions. Advance notice of termination will be given by the therapist when possible so there will be proper closure to the therapeutic relationship. Clients may come in for periodic or seasonal music therapy sessions to make sure therapeutic goals are maintained.   

Music Lessons       

How much practice is required?
Beginning students should work toward 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week. After a year of lessons, students should practice 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week. Advanced students may require more practice time. Practice time does not need to be done in one sitting, but can be spread throughout the day (ex. 15 minutes before school, 15 minutes after school).

Do you offer lessons in homes?
We currently provide music lessons at our Lowell and Grand Rapids Campuses. We are unable to go into individuals’ homes for lessons at this time.