Miranda Eden and Ron, a Mercy Health patient. (Photo courtesy: Mercy Health)

Miranda Eden and Ron, a Mercy Health patient. (Photo courtesy: Mercy Health)

Our music therapist, Miranda Eden, is featured in this beautiful profile by Mercy Health:

“You need music in your life. Music brings back unity of family. It’s brought me back to having a connection with my inner self, and the arts.”

Mercy Health patient, 69-year-old Ron from Rockford, has been in the hospital for four weeks. His wife of 48 years, Lora, says Mercy Health Wege Institute for Mind, Body and Spirit offering Music Therapy has made a huge difference in his care, lifting him out of depression. When Ron is singing along, Lora says, “that’s the real him. I haven’t seen him like that in a long time. This is a great therapy.”

Mercy Health offers this inpatient service with funding help from the Saint Mary’s Foundation to more than 2,100 patients in the past two years. Music Therapists like Miranda Eden recognize the ups and downs during a patient’s stay in the hospital – so they can also be a bit more passive, playing soft instrumental music to help with pain management and relaxation.

Miranda says, “It’s one of the most amazing things as a professional musician – to see the impact music can have on people who are in such a vulnerable place. I wish everyone can see it and experience it. It’s one of the best parts – to sing along with patients.”

Read Miranda’s blog post about her love of music therapy:  Not Just a Career, a Vocation.