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Eric Michaels-“Simplifying Your Paintings To Make Them Stronger” @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Aug 13 – Aug 15 all-day

In this workshop, we will learn how to take complicated subject matter and synthesize it down to its most basic elements. By learning to recognize the large value masses, and organizing them into a pleasing design, the students will learn to see the landscape as a tapestry of interconnected shapes, rather than a conglomerate of individual objects. I will be placing special emphasis on learning to paint the large masses in a wet-into-wet approach that will render them simple, but interesting. Through this simplification, we’ll learn how to make our paintings stronger artistic statements. The class will include demonstrations, lecture/discussions and critiques, with an emphasis on individual assistance. My two goals are to help each student to develop confidence and good judgment, and to make sure that the process is both fun and rewarding.

David M. Kessler-“Bigger, Faster, Fresher, Looser Abstract Painting Workshop” @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Aug 23 – Aug 25 all-day

Have you ever wondered how to Loosen-Up your painting style? Paint with more Freedom? Be more Spontaneous? Be more Expressive? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then my Bigger, Faster, Fresher, Looser Abstract Painting Workshop is for you! I will teach you how to do each of these realizing there should also be a firm foundation of structure for your paintings using shape, value, color, edges and center of interest. This workshop is not only about painting abstract compositions, but also about learning to loosen-up and paint more freely. All who attend will be able to apply the lessons learned to their own style of painting in their studios. This workshop is non media specific. All who utilize watercolor, acrylic, pastel and oil are welcome. The cost of this workshop is $395.

Zhaoming Wu-“Painting the Clothed Figure with Zhaoming Wu” @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Aug 23 – Aug 25 all-day

In this workshop, Zhaoming will teach a traditional “painterly” technique of oil painting. It will be applied to figure painting in an “alla prima” approach. Emphasis will be placed on composition, color and understanding light on form. It will include the process of producing appropriate values and edges to create mood and atmosphere. Students will be led into figure painting practice by observing Zhaoming’s demonstrations along with individual instruction, and critiques. Zhaoming’s understanding of classical techniques and superb draftsmanship has enabled him to paint in a loose manner, developing his own concept and personal style. His workshop is special and limited to a very few throughout the year. The cost of this workshop is $520.

Jason Sacran-Sustained in Nature – Multi-Session Plein Air Painting @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Sep 5 – Sep 8 all-day

On day one, the instructor will do a presentation on plein air and begin his first session demo. The Class will begin afterwards. This will repeat on 2nd day. And on day three, the class will have a group critique and finalize paintings. Throughout the workshop the instructor will talk about his approach to painting/painting outdoors, while aiding students on an individual and group basis. There will be individual critiques and most likely a group critique at the end of the workshop. We will be schedule based but flexible, relaxed, and have fun in this learning experience. The cost of this workshop is $725.

Stan Kurth-“Freedom in Watermedia” @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Sep 6 – Sep 8 all-day

This workshop is designed to help students (beginning, intermediate or advanced) paint in an intuitive manner starting with no preconceived notion or outcome. There will be no preliminary planning or drawing. Emotions and feelings will dictate direction as students use a variety of techniques to implement color, texture, line, shape and value. Instruction will start with arbitrary mark making and color application, working transparent to opaque building layers using a variety of mark making tools, watercolor, acrylic and gesso. The intuitive process relies on feeling and seeing so there will be ongoing evaluation of work in progress and the relationships between shape, texture, line, color and value. It is entirely possible finished work may be representational, but the goal is to produce aesthetically pleasing work, unique and reflective of the artist’s mind. The cost of this workshop is $325.

William Schneider AIS, OPA, PSA-Secrets of the Masters-Loosen Up! Techniques of Nikolai Fechin, and Anders Zorn @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Sep 13 – Sep 16 all-day

Students routinely complain, “My work looks hard and tight. I wish I could loosen up!” This workshop could be the answer to your prayers. Nikolai Fechin and Anders Zorn were Masters of suggestion (and arguably two of the greatest artists of all time). William will discuss their techniques as he paints a portrait from the live model. In addition, on one of the days you will copy (with instruction) a head study by one of those masters. On the other days you will incorporate their techniques into your own work as you paint from the live model. This four-day workshop is for oil or pastel students of all levels. You will learn: power through suggestion, one simple technique to create sparkling color, how to avoid unpleasant detail, masterful edge control, how to simplify color harmony, and the key to turning form with temperature. The cost of this workshop is $550.

William Mancuso-“Watercolor Sketchbook Workshop” @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Sep 14 – Sep 15 all-day

Wouldn’t you love to paint and draw more? But who’s got time? This workshop will be about making time for watercolor and drawing when it feels like there is no time by working smaller, and using a travel kit that can fit in a pocket, purse, shoulder bag, etc.. I have been working with travel kits since the mid-eighties and can speak directly to the great freedom and sense of accomplishment that comes from working small and often. I will bring each participant a small kit, all ready to go with paint, a waterproof pen, a travel brush and watercolor sketchbook. Plan on bringing a materials cost of $40 to the class. We’ll tackle a variety of subject matter and discuss ways to approach each in

a no time to waste manner incorporating such topics as perspective and composition. We’ll talk about materials and how to put together a
more personalized travel kit, discuss some painting subjects you might not necessarily have considered before, and get more paintings done in three days then you may have previously thought possible. The cost of this workshop is $150.

Sally Strand-“Master Class/Next Level” @ Franciscan Life Process Center
Oct 3 – Oct 6 all-day

Open to all painting mediums; demonstrations in pastel. This class begins with a review of principles previously covered in Sally Strand Workshops, including optical mixing of layered color, essential elements of strong composition and the effects of light. We will also focus on the later stages of painting, learning to harmonize color masses while developing the ability to really see and mix color, especially those that are nuanced and subtle. Finally, we will explore the finishing touches that turn paintings into personal statements.

Painting from costumed models and still life, plein air artists will benefit from in-studio projects that solidify valuable principles needed for outdoor painting. Demonstrations, lectures and a slide show are designed to give students tools to achieve intensely beautiful color.

The cost of this workshop is $650.

Terry Miura-“10 Strategies for Simplifying Cityscapes”
Oct 10 – Oct 12 all-day
If you’ve ever tried to paint cityscapes, you know it is extremely challenging.  Drawing cars and buildings are difficult enough –after all, unlike trees and boulders, they are not so forgiving– but to recreate an environment that encompass many of these unforgiving objects, light, atmosphere, mood, unity, and harmony is an extremely complex task, to put it mildly.
So how does one do it? In this three-day workshop, Terry Miura will show you how to break down the complexities of painting the cityscape into ten smaller, manageable concepts, and will offer ways to simplify each. By investigating, understanding and gaining command of each of these concepts, and employing some or all of them in executing a painting, we can approach a complex cityscape painting with confidence and control.
The knowledge will not only allow you to tackle difficult city scenes without being overwhelmed, but it will serve you well in painting any subject matter, whether you’re painting figures, still lifes, or landscapes!
Don Andrews-“Landscape Color and Composition Workshop in Watercolor”
Oct 10 @ 9:00 am – Oct 12 @ 3:00 pm
Learning to paint with watercolor should be fun! Don’s Landscape Workshop is geared specifically for artists eager to paint and study in a no-stress studio environment.
Each day, Don will address a major visual concern; light, color, granulation, organizing nature and utilizing negative space are just a few subjects to be covered.
Don’s class isn’t geared to any specific level of achievement; rather artists at all levels will benefit from a more personal understanding of the painting possibilities available in the exciting world of landscape painting.  This workshop will be packed with demonstrations, discussions, individual help and personal and group critiques.